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Conner Mack "Reverend" Tribble was born in Thompson Georgia, the same hometown as blues legend blind Willie McTell. There must be something in the water there, because by the time Conner was ten years old he had already played in a show with Rock'n Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis.

Conner went to high school in Athens Georgia and was later referred to in an article as "The Godfather of Punk", years before Athens became the famous music town it now is. He moved to New York City, where local musicians were soon calling him, "The Best Frontman They Had Ever Seen", due to his insightful, hilarious rocking songs, fun onstage banter, and searing musical energy. Conner honed his act performing at places like the "Cafe' wha?", where Jimi Hendrix did the same thing years before.

Conner was signed to Big Management,and most recently has his famous "Orgasm" song on the HBO Hit Series "Cathouse".

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Reverend Tribble Says...

  • You are the most important person in the world
  • Never worry about anything, it doesn't matter anyway
  • Never expect anything
  • Never depend on anyone else for your own happiness
  • If your romantic partner suggests you change your style of dress or hair, tell them to go to hell. If they bring it up again, bare your teeth and growl at them. If they bring it up a third time, leave while they are talking and never go back, even if you are in your own apartment
  • Exercise will wear your body out
  • Everyone is very lucky to know you
  • No one is born average, you make yourself that way
  • Conquering the world or watching TV all day amounts to the same thing
  • No one knows what they are talking about
  • Don't be afraid of change, it's the only way life gets more exciting
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Booking Information

Contact the Reverend by calling 646-234-3902 or emailing:

Publishing Information

Gary Salzman at Big Management - 212-242-8822

Be sure to check out Reverend Tribble's music on iTunes.